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Shayp: saving water before you even use it

One night two years ago, unable to sleep and channel surfing on the sofa, I heard a quiet, continuous noise. I hit the mute button and after listening carefully, ended up checking the water meter in the hallway. Much to my surprise I found it turning. Yet nobody was using the shower or the toilet, the dishwasher had finished working for the day, the washing machine was sleeping peacefully. In short, we had a leak! Luckily there was no water damage to the house but the annual adjusted bill from the water board showed an increase in our consumption of around 35 cubic metres (at least a quarter’s worth of water for a family of four, or enough to fill a 6m x 4m x 1.5m swimming pool). It turns out that the leak had existed for several months.

In addition to the cost, I can’t help thinking about all that wasted water, especially when we see water restrictions in our temperate climates during the summer months and the millions of environmentally-induced migrants. Of course I’m not quite ready to leave my comfort zone and install a composting toilet for example, but I do believe that there are things that we can do to help at least reduce the amount of water wasted. And the volumes wasted within companies must be even greater than in the home.

I know that where I work, our water bills are more consistent, but our commercial premises consume much more water than my humble abode. More can be done however to save water, and this starts upstream. Dear water suppliers, I know that at first sight it’s not in your interest to encourage savings in consumption, but your role could be to restore a climate of trust with your customers. And to help do this there is a Brussels-based company: Shayp.

This small Belgian company promises to reduce water bills by an average of 21%, but looking beyond this promise, I strongly believe that a company such as this one has a lot to give.

What are the advantages of its solution?

– A non-invasive technology. No application via Alexa or Google Home, information is transmitted via radio frequency through a sensor installed on your meter (even analogue meters) to a terminal which collects and analyses all of the data.

– This box is energetically self-sufficient and sustainable. That means that it does not need plugging in to the power network to work and the life expectancy of its battery is 10 years.

– Easy to install and use. Installation requires no major work or prior authorisation from you water supplier. It is therefore fully operational rapidly and provides its first analysis of consumption data within just 24 hours. The user interface has also been developed to provide an overview of the various areas of consumption and thus helps optimise consumption (in other words, even if there are no leaks).

For the moment, the business model is limited to the B2B market as the subscription costs between 15 and 20 euros per month. Shayp’s main market for the moment is therefore companies, lessors and insurance companies. But chances are that as the use of such a tool becomes more widespread and popular, it will filter into the B2B2C and even B2C markets.

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