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Les vertus de l’échec (The Virtues of Failure) –Charles Pépin

french version

A must-read, feel-good book full of nuggets of wisdom which will drive you to positive self-reflection. The author explains that failure is not a destination, but rather a stage, an insight, a lesson, a missed note, a sign. In short, something which is not a finality, but which instead must be used to help us reposition. For as long as there is life, failure, regardless of how difficult it is to digest, is transient.

Drawing on the example of famous and admirable names such as Rafael Nadal, Steve Jobs, Churchill, Albert Einstein, among others, Charles Pépin describes in turn the various virtues that failure brings to our everyday lives. A way for us to remotivate ourselves when experiencing various degrees of disappointment, but also to spread positive vibes with loved ones facing setbacks.

Each quote or catchphrase is placed in context and reinvigorates the reader. This is a little book to keep at hand for whenever we’re tempted to complain about any difficulties thrown at us by life. It is not a cure, nor an anaesthetic, but that little boost to help remind us to appreciate our successes and put our failures into perspective.

To be read and reread to your heart’s content.

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