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About “moi”

I grew up in the Paris suburbs, the only child of an automotive technician father, who sparked my interest in figures, and my stay-at home, disabled mother, to whom I have to thank for my inquiring mind.

When I was little I dreamt of being a meteorologist, to forecast the weather across the globe with accuracy. More than thirty years later, I became a financial controller, then a manager, then a finance officer. In the end, in the absence of being able to forecast the weather, I try my best to forecast the “financial weather” of the companies for which I work.

Ten years ago with my wife Rhian, who has supported me (and put up with me!) for many years, we decided on a major life change and left Paris for the South West of France. Her ambition, which she has successfully achieved, was to set up her own financial translation company ( and mine was simply to move away from the hustle of urban life and find a quieter place to live for my children.

At the time I hadn’t realised just how challenging this would prove to be in terms of my career, and this despite some of the wonderful encounters I’ve had during my professional time down South. I did not know that it was going to be a steep learning curve, that at times I would be faced with failure and question if I’d made the right choice. In short, that I would have to take what life threw at me!

I often doubt myself as a person (I get that from my mother!), but never my analytical mind or my ability to learn. I like to talk and have people talk about me, but I hate honours and praise. I’m a shy extrovert. I am diplomatic but sometimes have a short fuse. Often generous but sometimes selfish. I am just like all humans: full of contractions.

My aim is to bounce back professionally in my adopted region, where I take great pride and pleasure in watching my children grow. To make myself useful in a company where CSR is not just a marketing term, where innovation and inclusion are values and not just words. If you are a decision maker at such a company and you are looking for a profile like mine, do not hesitate to get in touch.

And, most importantly, take care

Laurent Houel